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What Are Those Strange Pictures In The Desert In South America

Secrets of the Nazca Lines - Documentary                                                                                    byHistoryTvful

     What are those strange pictures in the desert in South America called. Well they are called the Nazca Lines. If you are looking from the ground you would never know they were there. Even if you came upon them you most likely would never know what they were. They were apparently made by removing the top layer of red pebbles leaving the lighter desert under that. They were seen by planes flying over the land, but they apparently can be seen by some of the surrounding foothills. If you want to learn more about these interesting strange pictures in the earth check out this link to the Wikipedia webpage .

Anyone Seen the Loch Ness Monster , Water Monsters Or Deep Sea Creatures

Reported Sightings of Sea Monsters - Documentary                                                                                byMsDocumentaryHistory
    For years now every time I would turn on the discovery channel there was always a show about the Loch Ness Monster or some other underwater creature. I my self have never seen anything strange in the water, but I always had strange feelings like something strange or paranormal was watching me. Over the years there have been many people that have see some kind of water creature somewhere. There are always new findings of some deep underwater creature being found that had not been discovered yet. There have been stories of creatures from people that sailed out on the seas.

2014 Strange Space Phenomena

This year in 2014 we have seen some strange space phenomena. We have seen the usual Aurora Borealis otherwise known as the Northern Lights. I can remember seeing this when I was a child growing up near Lake Ontario. It was always a very strange event and it was not always seen. There are quite a bit of movies that use the Northern Lights as some kind of strange paranormal event seen in the sky. If you ever get the chance to see it I would definitely check it out. Here is an interesting video below on the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis - Stunning Phenomenon 2014

Earths Magnetic Poles Are Shifting

Earths Poles Shifting. Extreme Tilt/Extreme Weather by BPEarthWatchbyearth in google

    I have been hearing about this for awhile now. This is just another of the strange phenomenons that effect all of us here on earth.  It seems as though the earths pole are shifting. In other words what is the north pole will eventually be the south pole and the south pole will be the north pole. I was just watching a movie on netflix where that is what happened. Apparently Florida became very cold and new york became a tropical paradise. I live in new york and that may be very interesting. In the movie it happened within so many hours, unfortunately it may take thousands of years to happen.

Just A Few Interesting UFO Videos

I saw this video come up on facebook. I was not sure if it was real or fake. All I can say is watch the video below and decide for yourself. To me it looks a little two good to be true. I know that when the Blue Angels come to town at the airport they fly right over our house. I believe someone could fake a video like it.

What Do You Think ?

What Exactly Are The Blood Moons

Lately I am hearing in Bible Prophecy about the Blood Moons. When I first heard them mentioned I did not know exactly what they were. I found the the description on the internet. Basically it is when you have four lunar eclipses. These four lunar eclipses all happen in a row. Total lunar eclipses are a very rare occurrence. I believe the first of the four blood moons happened on April 14th or the 15th of this year 2014. We saw a second blood moon on October 7th or the 8th of 2014. Paster John Hagee had written a book about the Blood Moons in 2013. There has been alot of different religious people talking about the strange events of the Blood Moons and what they represent in bible prophesy. Here is a short Wikipedia webpage link .

Appearances Of Angels In The Sky And On Earth

I have heard and read different stories about the appearances of what people believe are Angels. Alot of the time these apparitions of Angels are seen in pictures of accidents. I wonder if they are guardian angel of the person involved or hurt in the accident. I am sure that sometimes these pictures can found to have a reason why something appeared in the picture. Maybe a spot on the film or something reflected in the lens. Then there is that time when you can't find anything to rule out. So it may be an Angel in the photograph.

What's Happening In The Bermuda Triangle These Days

The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle - Documentary                                                                                  byMsDocumentaryHistory

     This has got to be one of the strangest places on earth. Every time I turned on the television there was always a documentary about the Bermuda Triangle.  There were always many stories about the Bermuda Triangle and Planes or Boats just disappearing. The earliest date of a disappearance goes back to around 1950. There are some theories that the disappearances are of a supernatural nature. They tend to associate it with the missing continent of Atlantis. Then on the other hand there is the natural explanation of the missing aircraft and boats. I have seen documentaries that explain that some kind of gas comes up and cause the ship to become unstable and then sinks. The explanation for air planes is that there is some kind of magnetic interference that effects the compasses and electrical equipment in the …

Apparitions Of Mary Today And Yesterday

Meet Virgin Mary apparition 2013                                                                                       byWorld Star Videos

    Something we don't hear too much of are the Apparitions of Our Blessed Mary the mother of Jesus. A few years ago it seems as though they were very popular. Some of the most popular are the apparitions with Saint Bernadette where the Virgin Mary appeared to her at Lourdes. Today many people go to Lourdes seeking healings and miracles. Yes if you look into it you will find that there are many documented cases of miracles and healings at Lourdes. If you are interested in reading about Saint Bernadette here is a link to the Wikipedia webpage . Another popular apparition of The Virgin Mary was when she appeared to the three children at Fatima. There is a lot of Prophecy and Eschatology associated with this Apparition of The Virgin Mary. If you are intere…

New And Old Crop Circles

Crop Circle Communication REAL ET vs. Man-Made - Barbara Lamb 1/2                                                                                          byVitalVeda

   We are still seeing some awesome new crop circles being made. I was searching on the internet and came across some new crop circles that were made. It sometimes seems very difficult to tell if the crop circles were made by people or some other supernatural phenomenon . I have heard theories that they were made by extraterrestrials from another planet or solar system. They have also done studies to see if people could create the same awesome designs in a reasonable amount of time and make the bends and breaks in the crop look the same. As I recall they came pretty darn close to making the crop damage and pattern look the same.

Many Think The World Will End In 2015

Current Events - HAS the Tribulation ALREADY started?                                                                                              byTexas75023

    There are many people in religious positions that believe that the world will end in 2015. Okay so what do I think about this end of the world. Well all I can say is all these strange events going on in the world are leading somewhere. The problem is if you believe what the bible says then you know the only one who knows when the exact date is is God The Father. Many people throughout the years have tried to guess a particular date. Well as you you can see they all have a perfect record for being wrong. What do they do when they are wrong, well as far as I can see they write another book.

We Are Experiencing Some Very Strange Weather In 2014

WHAT IS GOING ON. Weird strange sky above. Weather modification programs. Chemtrails HAARPbyAlternativeInformation4

    In this year 2014 we have been experiencing some very strange and weird weather. Yes this year in 2014 there have been the usual types of weather that we always see. On the other hand there have been some strange weather events in areas where we don't usually see them. You may have seen Tornado's or just Funnel Clouds in areas where they don't ordinarily occur. Up here in New York we had a good Snow Storm that dumped almost eight feet of snow in Buffalo. Now I grew up near Lake Ontario in Rochester New York and I remember some pretty bad Snow Storms. In Fact I was Just a little kid when we had the Blizzard in 1966 and then when I was a senior in high school we had the Blizzard in 1977. In fact I remember walking home from school when it was just starting to get going. I can even remember some whoppers of Thunder Storms with Hail and the Electricity going …

Exhaust Chemtrails From Jets That Stay In The Sky

Meteorologist Decodes Chemtrails, HAARP and Weather Manipulation                                                                                           byHarold Saive

   Have you ever looked up in the sky at the trails left from a jet. I remember back in the spring when I looked up in the sky I would see a number of Jets flying from the east to the west and later in the day they may be going in the opposite direction. The interesting thing I noticed was that some of the trails off the jets would disappear fairly quickly. Then there were others that would pretty much stay up in the sky for a longer period of time. They would eventually expand outwards from either side. I would then notice as the day progressed the sky became fairly cloudy. I almost wondered if the government was testing some kind of cloud seeding to control the weather. The next thing I noticed was that we had some pretty bad weather. This may be my human mind trying to make sense out of it or there is some …

Whats Up With UFO Sightings These Days

Roswell - Alien Interview - The Mystery of UFOs and Extraterrestrials                                                                                                  byBackToConstitution

   Another subject that seems to always keep going are the UFO sightings. Ever since I was a young kid back in the 60s and 70s there was always some strange story about flying saucers. I can remember one day coming around the side of my Grandparents house and I happened to look up in the sky. I saw a group of 4 bright silver objects flying together. Of course I was very young and thinking back it was probably just jets flying. Then right after that I remember my friend across the street went to go in the playhouse his father built and he said there was someone strange looking in the back window. We looked all over and could find no one anywhere. There really wasn't any place for someone to go. Maybe it was just his imagination, but I guess we will never know.

What Is With All The Recent Swarms Of Earthquakes

Lately all I hear about are the various swarms of earthquakes. It's not always in the United States. It seems to be happening on a regular basis around the world. I follow a page on facebook called RSOE EDIS Preliminary Earthquake Report in Petersville, Alaska, United States. It always reports the recent earthquakes. Another site on facebook is called Earthquake Monitor. It's very interesting to see that this is going on all the time. It just worries me that they seem to becoming more frequent. You can see in the picture above all the dots are indicating earthquakes.

What Is Up With All The Ghost Sightings

EVP- Electronic Voice Phenomena

  I have seen some strange things in my time that I just can not explain. One story I always share is what happened to me on a cold winter day. My Grandfather had passed away and my Grandmother was staying with my Aunt. My brothers and I took turns going over to the house and checking the oil in the tank in the basement and making sure everything was okay. Well my older brother went over the week before and checked everything. The next week it was my turn. As I was unlocking the back door to go in I looked into the living room window. I thought I saw a white mist moving right where my Grandfather had passed away in his favorite rocking chair. I looked back and did not see anything. I went in and down into the basement. While I was down there I thought I heard noises coming from upstairs as if someone was walking around. I did my job and got out of there as fast as I could. When I got home I said to my brother guess what I saw at grandmas house. Before …

Okay Is Bigfoot Real Or Just A Hoax....You Decide

Bigfoot Sightings - Documentary                                                                                        byMsHistoryMovie

Strange Sounds Heard Around The World

GLOBALLY WEIRD SOUNDS.........MY THEORY                                                                                        byREDRICKY201

So What Are Some Strange Events In 2014

I was looking around the internet for a few moments after writing the first post and came across this video on youtube. So I figured I would share it with you. As far as I can tell these are real things that happened this year in 2014. I will definitely try to weed out any fake stories that I come across. Believe me if you are on facebook you will find that there are a lot of fake stories going around. For example just this morning when I went on facebook I see a story about 42 million Americans dieing on black Friday. Yes it was a fake story. That kind of garbage needs to be stopped. Enjoy the video below.

Something Is Going On - Strange Things Happening Around The World August 2014byGametimeAXE

What This Blog Is Going To Be About

I was looking around the at all the strange things going on in the world and I thought what a strange world we are all living in. It is a very strange and odd time. There are so many weird things happening I think we are all asking what's happening. Every time I turn on the television, computer or radio there is some weird event happening. Sometimes it's something from some sort of a religious view. Someone seems to hate someone, because they think differently. I sit back and think don't they realize what Gods message is. From everything I have ever read his message was mainly to love one another. So will we ever get that right as human beings and stop judging each other.  I hope one of these days we will before it's too late.