Many Think The World Will End In 2015

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    There are many people in religious positions that believe that the world will end in 2015. Okay so what do I think about this end of the world. Well all I can say is all these strange events going on in the world are leading somewhere. The problem is if you believe what the bible says then you know the only one who knows when the exact date is is God The Father. Many people throughout the years have tried to guess a particular date. Well as you you can see they all have a perfect record for being wrong. What do they do when they are wrong, well as far as I can see they write another book.

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   So back to the strange events pointing to the end of the world. Yes with all these strange things going on such as weather, sickness, disease, famine, wars and rumors of wars I believe we are living in the end times. Will it be right away, I don't know and anyone can do is keep watching. Every time you go on the internet there are numerous websites with all different views on this subject. A lot depends on what your religious beliefs are. Some groups believe the Rapture will happen at any moment while others believe that it happens later, then you have the group that believe it happens during the middle of all the problems. In any event it will happen at some point in time.
  There are many people looking at what is going on in the Middle East with all the fighting. Innocent Men, Women and Children are being killed at a insane rate. All I know is that if this does not Anger God nothing will. Just as Jesus said if anyone harms a little child it would be better that a millstone be hung around his neck and he be thrown into the water. I think he was definitely getting his message across. It doe however seem that just as it says in scripture about the world going through birth pains is what is going on. Things are getting worse in all situations and soon it will be that time.

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    We are seeing all kinds of technology increase at a fascinating rate. Sometimes the technology is for good purposes and then it can also be for evil purposes. We have the internet reaching all over the world so we can communicate everywhere. It does say in scripture that the Gospel will be preached to everyone in the world. Computers are just advancing every day, becoming more and more powerful. Along with that we have more and more people writing viruses that ruin all your data and even your computer. That almost seems like Satan has a hand in it trying to ruin all the good that can be done.
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  We are seeing all kinds of sicknesses coming up in the world. Lately we have the spread of the deadly Ebola Virus. It is killing thousands of people especially in Africa. It has gotten into various countries, but fortunately has been stopped before it got worse. Even the foods we eat are proving to be killers to us as human beings. All the fast food junk is ruining our bodies and causing people to die at an early age. People are killing people it seems with no remorse. It's almost like we are being controlled like puppets from an outside source.
  Maybe it's just that I am getting older and now I am paying more attention to the world around me. I think mainly we as human beings need to learn to live with one another, love and respect each other for the choices we make whether right or wrong. We can not just go around killing each other for no reason. It's time to stop and smell the roses as Mac Davis wrote in one of his songs years ago. If we don't learn to do the right things then Jesus will be back soon and it may then be too late.
  Thank You for reading and do what right especially in this holiday season.  

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