Okay Is Bigfoot Real Or Just A Hoax....You Decide

                                           Bigfoot Sightings - Documentary                                                                                        by MsHistoryMovie

    Well I don't know if Bigfoot is real or not. All I can say is there are some pretty strange things going on all around the world involving some kind of Bigfoot Creature. I have watched the various shows on the television for example Finding Bigfoot. I was very interested in this because of all the different eye witness reports. I remember quite a few years ago when the person put out the video of the filming of a Bigfoot Creature walking. As far as I could see it could have been someone in a costume. After seeing many of the newer shows and listening to how it could not have been faked I believe they are right. They could not make the muscles show in the right places with movement. They would have to be some kind of genus. Not to mention making the stride of the animal perfect.

                                            Bigfoot in Washington State                                                                             by DocumentaryAnimals

  Another fact that makes me believe there is something real is that this is happening all over the world. There are numerous footprint casts being made from all over. I just don't think there are that many people out there making footprints in the snow and mud. That is not to say that there are probably some people out there faking it. One of the stories that always makes me a believer is that when a child tells what they saw. Especially when it is a very young child. Young children tend to tell the story the way it is and have no reason to lie. The only odd thing is that know one has actually captured or killed one of these creatures. We have never come across the dead carcass or  bones of one of these Sasquatches. I am sure one day we will either have a good close encounter or maybe they will come to us as problems get worse in the world.
                             Sasquatch spotted in Banff National Park - Bigfoot Yeti                                                                            by PARANORMALFACTORFICTION

    I am not sure if it is someone dressed in a costume or maybe a hunter. When the boat was going by it did not run away. Maybe the professionals should look into this one. There are many different theories going around as to what the Sasquatch really is. Some think it is a cross between  different animals. Maybe a cross between a human being and an ape. I know in the bible it talks about the Nephilim. These were supposed to be Angels that mated with Human Females. They created beings that were called Giants or the Mighty Men Of Old. Who knows maybe they scattered all over the earth in different directions. Once again this is one of those strange things that are happening more and more. It could be that we are just moving out further and their area is becoming smaller, so we are meeting each other more frequently. Other people of the earth have many stories of these creatures going way back in time. Si it seems as though they have been around for a long time.
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