So What Are Some Strange Events In 2014

 I was looking around the internet for a few moments after writing the first post and came across this video on youtube. So I figured I would share it with you. As far as I can tell these are real things that happened this year in 2014. I will definitely try to weed out any fake stories that I come across. Believe me if you are on facebook you will find that there are a lot of fake stories going around. For example just this morning when I went on facebook I see a story about 42 million Americans dieing on black Friday. Yes it was a fake story. That kind of garbage needs to be stopped. Enjoy the video below.

             Something Is Going On - Strange Things Happening Around The World August 2014by GametimeAXE

  I hope you enjoyed and found the video interesting. I believe there are usually explanations for almost everything that happens, but then there are some things we can not explain.
  Thank You for reading. All comments are welcome.

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