Strange Sounds Heard Around The World

                               GLOBALLY WEIRD SOUNDS.........MY THEORY                                                                                        by REDRICKY201

 I came across a story last year in 2013 about people hearing some kind of strange sounds in the air. It has been heard in the United States, Russia and other countries as well. As for myself I have not really noticed any sounds different than the usual sounds. Especially when I take the dog out at night when it is usually fairly quiet. I know when I used to go hunting all I heard was the sound of the wind blowing across the fields and through the tree tops. Maybe the sound of a distant dog barking or the sound of a hunter shooting at a deer. But I never heard anything stranger than that.

                                        Trumpets Sounds Around The World                                                                                    by Steven Ben-DeNoon

   I have heard some people say it sounded like a trumpet sounding off in the distance. Of course when people heard this they associated it with the sound of a trumpet announcing the coming of Christ. The next thing they said was it sounded like angels singing. Well with all the things going on in the world associated with Bible Prophecy seeming to be fulfilled before our very eyes they may be right. But that is only the theory or guess of someone. When I heard some of the videos online I thought it sounded like a low hum vibrating.

              strange sounds HOUSTON, TX 01/23/12 apocalypse trumpets of revelation                                                                                              by TheHermes2012

   I just wonder if it is a sound coming from within the earth. Maybe the earth is changing or expanding like a person that has to move around to get comfortable. Now it seems that we are seeing more and more swarms of earthquakes happening lately around the world. I just wonder if these sounds are associated with the numerous occurrences of these small earthquakes. Maybe where the fault lines move against each other they are creating a sound wave that flows out into the atmosphere and then bounces back to the earth just like the airwaves from a ham radio that bounce up, hit the ionosphere layer of air and then bounce back down to the earth. This is only one of my thoughts.
  I found a couple of videos that seem to be authentic. But be aware that there are many fake videos out there. One of these days I am sure we will figure out what is going on. If it is a sign from heaven it sure will be a welcomed one for most people. Either way it is an interesting phenomenon for what ever is going on in this strange world we live in.
  Thank You for reading and have a nice day. All comments are welcome.  

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