What Is Up With All The Ghost Sightings

                                               EVP- Electronic Voice Phenomena

  I have seen some strange things in my time that I just can not explain. One story I always share is what happened to me on a cold winter day. My Grandfather had passed away and my Grandmother was staying with my Aunt. My brothers and I took turns going over to the house and checking the oil in the tank in the basement and making sure everything was okay. Well my older brother went over the week before and checked everything. The next week it was my turn. As I was unlocking the back door to go in I looked into the living room window. I thought I saw a white mist moving right where my Grandfather had passed away in his favorite rocking chair. I looked back and did not see anything. I went in and down into the basement. While I was down there I thought I heard noises coming from upstairs as if someone was walking around. I did my job and got out of there as fast as I could. When I got home I said to my brother guess what I saw at grandmas house. Before I could tell him he said let me tell you what I saw the week before. It was exactly what I had seen and heard. We always went in pairs after that.

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    There are many different stories throughout my family of strange things that happened. My aunt was folding cloths when the heavy attic door with a huge spring opened by itself and closed. None of her kids were playing a joke either. There were other strange happenings that occurred in that old house. They never bought it and moved out. My cousin said she was in her house when she saw a man walk through her living room and go up the stairs. She got her son who was an ex-policeman to check it out. He went upstairs and found no one. These are only some of the strange stories that have gone around. I remember being at my wife's grandfathers funeral and asking to myself to give a sign if he was there. The lights on either side of his urn flickered. I think it was the air conditioning kicking on and making the lights flicker so I laughed to myself. But of course you never know.


    Okay so there are many different shows on television like Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness and Ghost Adventures as well as other paranormal shows. I don't know whether these are real or not. I know on one of them they were caught pulling a fast one on their live Halloween show. I was quite surprised because they were upset when they went to one place and the person did not tell them about the previous owners fake goings on to attract customers. I have seen some things that are just plain unexplainable. I guess you have to take it with a grain of salt. I do believe a lot of them are just like a recording caught in time somehow that just keeps playing over and over again. I know by my religious beliefs that when we die it is not the end and there is life after death. I suppose the people that we see could be in some kind of purgatory. That is for a different subject. You can check out my Catholic blog for that at Just Being Catholic if you are interested.
  Well That is all for know so Thank You for reading.         

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