What Is With All The Recent Swarms Of Earthquakes

    Lately all I hear about are the various swarms of earthquakes. It's not always in the United States. It seems to be happening on a regular basis around the world. I follow a page on facebook called RSOE EDIS Preliminary Earthquake Report in Petersville, Alaska, United States. It always reports the recent earthquakes. Another site on facebook is called Earthquake Monitor. It's very interesting to see that this is going on all the time. It just worries me that they seem to becoming more frequent. You can see in the picture above all the dots are indicating earthquakes.

So what actually is going on with all these earthquakes. Is it just a normal occurrence or is something strange going on. Is mother nature going to attack us, because of all the damage we have done to the environment. Maybe it is God letting us know that he is very upset with his children. It is another one of those signs that we are in the end times and Jesus return is getting very close. Either way there is something very strange going on and it only seems like it's going to get worse. I have read in the news also that some different volcano's have recently erupted. Will any of the big volcano's in the United States erupt ?  Well all I can say is we have to keep a close eye on the situation and pray it does not get worse.

           1-12-2014 California Earthquake Swarm! Please Be Prepared! 4.5m & Ongoing!                                                                                                    by Minister Paul

   I have a feeling that the recent swarms of earthquakes and volcano eruptions are related. It may be that the volcano eruptions are the release of the frequent earthquakes from the earth getting older. Do I think we are going to have some big disaster like the Apocalypse movie called 2012. Probably not, but there may be some very interesting strange events coming up in 2015. There are many religious people that are tying all these events like the earthquake swarms into the prophecy of the end times. There are a lot of videos popping up on the internet associated with them. Is it possible that they may be on to something, well maybe but I can not guarantee it. I would still always keep watch and pay attention to the signs and wonders around us.
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