Saturday, November 29, 2014

What This Blog Is Going To Be About

  I was looking around the at all the strange things going on in the world and I thought what a strange world we are all living in. It is a very strange and odd time. There are so many weird things happening I think we are all asking what's happening. Every time I turn on the television, computer or radio there is some weird event happening. Sometimes it's something from some sort of a religious view. Someone seems to hate someone, because they think differently. I sit back and think don't they realize what Gods message is. From everything I have ever read his message was mainly to love one another. So will we ever get that right as human beings and stop judging each other.  I hope one of these days we will before it's too late.

   I was watching television and all I hear about are people seeing ghosts, Bigfoot, UFO s or some other strange thing. I know when I was younger there were reports here and there of these kinds of events but today is seems to be happening all the time. If you go on twitter or facebook there are so many different sites to check out it's just crazy. I know I belong to a few of them about Bigfoot as well as some others. I like to watch my favorite shows on television like Ghost Hunters, Finding Bigfoot and all the other discovery type shows. New things seem to be being found every day.
  The world itself seems to be changing a little at a time. I live up north in New York and the seasons seem to be changing little by little. It almost seemed like it was staying warmer longer. Then all of the sudden in November we get this cold blast from the north and everything is in a deep freeze. Buffalo gets hit with a storm off Lake Erie and it dumps almost 8 feet of snow. The thruway and everything is shut down. Then there are people everywhere fighting over something. When I turn on the new someone is killing someone for no reason. Have we lost our sense of right and wrong or is there something else going on.
  Yes I am a fairly religious person and I wonder is Jesus coming back very soon. If you read what a lot of Evangelicals are saying the rapture could happen at any moment. I myself am catholic and I don't know who is right or wrong. Maybe it's not a case of right or wrong. Maybe we should be doing what Jesus said and love one another. We should just always be ready to go, because know one knows the time or the hour, only the father. I do have to say that all the things going on in the world and the middle east sure do look like prophecy is being fulfilled every day. I just turn on the internet just to see what strange event has happened now. All I keep reading on facebook is that more and more swarms of earthquakes keep happening as well as bad storms.
  Well these are only some of the strange things that are going on in the world.
  Thank You for reading and I will be looking for all the strange stories I can find. 

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