2014 Strange Space Phenomena

  This year in 2014 we have seen some strange space phenomena. We have seen the usual Aurora Borealis otherwise known as the Northern Lights. I can remember seeing this when I was a child growing up near Lake Ontario. It was always a very strange event and it was not always seen. There are quite a bit of movies that use the Northern Lights as some kind of strange paranormal event seen in the sky. If you ever get the chance to see it I would definitely check it out. Here is an interesting video below on the Northern Lights.

    Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis - Stunning Phenomenon 2014

        Below is another interesting video I came across on the Northern Lights.


               Epic Aurora DVD trailer by Todd Salat

   Another strange phenomena of 2014 has been the on going of solar flare activity on the Sun. It has been effecting transmissions in the Ham Radio Hobby. I am a Ham Radio Operator with my General Ham Radio License. I can not count the number of times when I hear Ham Radio Operators remarking how they can hear someone that they normally do not hear. They also tell each other that the signal strength is much higher than they normally find from other Ham Radio Operators. They have even recently said on the News that they expect a large solar storm on the Sun that may knock out power for millions of Americans in a certain area. I have heard it mentioned that this would happen, but I have not seen it yet and I do say yet. Check out the video below for some interesting information.

        Earth Directed Solar Flare Phenomena Continues 11-10-2014

  The video below has some other information in the beginning of the video. It does have some information on solar flare activity from January 27 2014 earlier this year. I guess we will have to wait and see what the coming year in 2015 will bring.



I came across this video animation of some electric phenomena in outer space of a comet and I thought it would be interesting to see. Plus the music in is not bad either. So sit back and enjoy the video. I do have to say that when I was younger one of my favorite class trips was to the planetarium here in Rochester new York.

outer space electric phenomenon comet flyby animated animation aliens alien galaxy cosmos anomaly  by vbkingofvideo

  Here is another video of the sun and some strange object near it. Reading some of the comments people seem to think it may be planet x. I my self do not think it is another planet. I wonder if it is an effect from a solar flare or gas. I guess you have to decide for yourselves and come to your own conclusions. Well we are getting close to the end of the year so we will have to pay attention to out space and the skies in case there are any other strange outer space phenomena . Here is the video below so check out the anomaly to the left of the sun.


        X Planetery Object - Strange object at the Sun - UNIDENTIFIED

  Well that's all for now on the strange outer space phenomena . Thank You for reading and watching.

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