Anyone Seen the Loch Ness Monster , Water Monsters Or Deep Sea Creatures

                             Reported Sightings of Sea Monsters - Documentary                                                                                by MsDocumentaryHistory
    For years now every time I would turn on the discovery channel there was always a show about the Loch Ness Monster or some other underwater creature. I my self have never seen anything strange in the water, but I always had strange feelings like something strange or paranormal was watching me. Over the years there have been many people that have see some kind of water creature somewhere. There are always new findings of some deep underwater creature being found that had not been discovered yet. There have been stories of creatures from people that sailed out on the seas.

                                              New Nessie Loch Ness Monster                                                                                       by mrmegamanzerosigma
    You do have to be careful what you read, because there are plenty of people out there making up fake stories of hoaxes. Somebody always wants to be in the spotlight. I guess as human beings we just love the attention. On the other hand there are just people that want to make fools of others. Maybe one day they will be in the right spot at the right time and they will see something they just can't understand. Then they will be the little boy that cried wolf. There are more things under heaven and earth that we will never be able to understand or explain.

          Mermaid Amateur Video HD - Mermaids Are Real? Caught on Tape                                                                                           by Aldo Giammusso
    One of the popular sea creatures that have been talked about for centuries are the mermaids. They have been around since there have been sailors. It has been noted that Christopher Columbus saw a mermaid in January 1493. There have been many times where another creature of the sea was mistaken for a mermaid. The one that comes to mind is the Manatee. I wonder if that is really what Christopher Columbus saw and mistook it for a mermaid. The other problem is that every time someone puts a video on youtube or where ever it turns out to be a fake or hoax. Some of them are so real it is very hard to tell if it is the real thing. It apparently is just another strange phenomena that we will keep trying to figure out.

                                 Amazing Creatures of the Deep Ocean                                                                                by MsDocumentaryVideos
     Every day it seems they are discovering some new sea creature. Some of these creatures stay down 5000 feet so we may never see them. I have seen some where it looks like a shark that stays down that deep. I wonder with these strange changes in weather is it causing these deep sea creatures to change their living habits. For example in august of this year thousands of sea creatures showed up on beaches in California. The scientists say that sometimes the currents push them out to sea, but there are times when they just get pushed in to shore. I guess as time goes by we will just keep seeing things we never new existed. There is always some new paranormal phenomena that will be found.
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