Apparitions Of Mary Today And Yesterday

                                            Meet Virgin Mary apparition 2013                                                                                       by World Star Videos

    Something we don't hear too much of are the Apparitions of Our Blessed Mary the mother of Jesus. A few years ago it seems as though they were very popular. Some of the most popular are the apparitions with Saint Bernadette where the Virgin Mary appeared to her at Lourdes. Today many people go to Lourdes seeking healings and miracles. Yes if you look into it you will find that there are many documented cases of miracles and healings at Lourdes. If you are interested in reading about Saint Bernadette here is a link to the Wikipedia webpage . Another popular apparition of The Virgin Mary was when she appeared to the three children at Fatima. There is a lot of Prophecy and Eschatology associated with this Apparition of The Virgin Mary. If you are interested here is a Wikipedia webpage in it .

                 05..02.10 Blessed Mother's Apparition Caught on my Blackberry Camera                                                                                                          by pwsm1952

Throughout the years there have been many other apparitions of Mary to many different people around the world. Generally in almost all of the apparitions Mary is giving a warning to the people of earth. She is never making herself the important person. She is always making God the important person as well as her son Jesus. Here is an excellent webpage on the various main apparitions of Mary .
                                 Medjugorje 02.01.2012 message from Apparition by Mirjana

    From time to time many people in various places will see apparition images of Mary with no verbal message. It seems to have happened quite a bit in the Muslim world. It seems like these apparitions happen when there has been some kind of unrest somewhere.  Other times it seems some message ha to be passed along. It should be noted that not every apparition of Mary has been approved by the Catholic Church. Here is a link to a website that has a list of the approved apparitions . Here is another website with the 9 major apparitions approved by the church .There are many different websites with information on apparitions of Mary Our Blessed Mother. So I would just a a search on the internet. If anyone wants money don't go there and be careful of computer viruses.
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