Appearances Of Angels In The Sky And On Earth


     I have heard and read different stories about the appearances of what people believe are Angels. Alot of the time these apparitions of Angels are seen in pictures of accidents. I wonder if they are guardian angel of the person involved or hurt in the accident. I am sure that sometimes these pictures can found to have a reason why something appeared in the picture. Maybe a spot on the film or something reflected in the lens. Then there is that time when you can't find anything to rule out. So it may be an Angel in the photograph.


  Another place lately where someone has taken a picture of the sky and the cloud arrangement may look like the figure of an Angel. You are probably asking yourself is it really an Angel. Well I think most of the time it may be our mind doing what is called matrixing. In other words our mind tries to sort of put the pieces of a puzzle together and make some sense of what you are looking at. Although some of the pictures of the angel cloud really looks like the figure of what an angel looks like from what we are taught growing up. In the bible we have ideas of what an angel looks like.

This again seems to be something that is happening more often these days. It is another one of those strange phenomenons. Sometimes I wonder if time is getting close and these may be just some of the wonders in the heavens. It may also just be that we get older and are looking for a connection to God.
  It can be very difficult to determine what we are seeing. You never know if it is an angel from God or a fallen angel. That is one of the main problems with this sort of phenomenon. All you can really do is look at it and wonder, because that is our human nature.
  Well that is all for now so Thank You for reading.

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