Earths Magnetic Poles Are Shifting

 Earths Poles Shifting. Extreme Tilt/Extreme Weather by BPEarthWatch by earth in google

    I have been hearing about this for awhile now. This is just another of the strange phenomenons that effect all of us here on earth.  It seems as though the earths pole are shifting. In other words what is the north pole will eventually be the south pole and the south pole will be the north pole. I was just watching a movie on netflix where that is what happened. Apparently Florida became very cold and new york became a tropical paradise. I live in new york and that may be very interesting. In the movie it happened within so many hours, unfortunately it may take thousands of years to happen.



    I have been wondering if all the various swarms of earthquakes around the world are a sign that the poles are changing. Could the pressure in the earth be causing unbelievable pressure which is being shown by the earthquake swarms. The same thing goes for the various volcano's that have erupted lately. The same thing with the constant melting of ice at the polar caps. If the earth is slowly moving could that be why the temperature way up is getting warmer. If it is then that would explain why the ice is melting at a faster rate. Some say it is due to global warming, but I just wonder if it's not from global warming.


Rapid Geomagnetic Reversal Possibility: Confirmed

    Interestingly scientists check the flow of the hot molten lava to determine how the magnetic direction has changed. When the lava cools and hardens is preserves the direction on the earths magnetic field. It looks like the poles switch ends about every half million years give or take a few. So it looks like the change will happen in about a few thousand years from now.


                Proof of Magnetic Pole Flip Coming: Things you Can See Now! by Mary Greeley

    Will we be affected by the changing of the earth poles. Well it does protect us from the harmful radiation from the sun. This could definitely cause problems to us human beings. It can also effects various animals and insects as well. There are certain birds that use the magnetic field to navigate. The same thing applies to sea turtles as well as bees. So there can be some disastrous effects for human beings as well as animals and insects. It seems like something I don't want to go through.
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