Just A Few Interesting UFO Videos

 I saw this video come up on facebook. I was not sure if it was real or fake. All I can say is watch the video below and decide for yourself. To me it looks a little two good to be true. I know that when the Blue Angels come to town at the airport they fly right over our house. I believe someone could fake a video like it.

                                                      What Do You Think ?

   It's very funny the strange, but interesting videos you can find on youtube. I remember watching the fact or fiction program on cable tv. I always found it very interesting how they would go to great lengths to debunk something. There were quite a few times when nothing they did looked like what was seen on the video. Yes I do believe there are some strange things going on in the world that we just can't explain. I am sure one day we will all know the truth. Here is another UFO video below that I think is a little questionable. At the end of the video it looks way to clear for me. It may be some kind of a military aircraft.

                              Incredible ufo chase!!! Probably a USAF aircraft!!!!                                                                                                   by jobrian74

     I watched the video below and I see the two white what look like orbs flying around and near the trail of the jet. First I don't think those are chemtrails. They look kike what you would see, because the jet is flying at such a high altitude. The orbs do not look like they are attacking anything. It looks more like they are just checking it out. At first I wondered if it was some kind of a lens flare from the camera and they move all over with the unsteady movement of the camera. Never the less those are just my impressions. So check out the video below.

                         U.f.o multiples intercepts against chemtrail planes 2012 .mpg                                                                                                   by lion76ify

    The video below is the typical night time video with the lights of the UFO in a triangle pattern. I do not think it's some kind of trapped gas in the atmosphere way up in the sky. If you watch they stay in the same pattern and then a second one appears from lower in the picture frame. I wonder if someone is letting some kind of inflatable device float up in the air. What gives something away is that the lights have a flickering effect, which looks like something that's lit like a flair. It's just another one of those decide for yourself.

                            Orb Triangle UFOs in El Paso, Texas February 8, 2014                                                                        by AlienPeace1 - There is GOOD out there

   Even though these videos can most likely be debunked they are also very interesting. There are so many different UFO videos out there it becomes difficult to tell whats real and whats not real. All we can do is sit back and keep taking videos of UFO sightings and decide for ourselves.
  Thank You for reading and watching. HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!!!

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