New And Old Crop Circles

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   We are still seeing some awesome new crop circles being made. I was searching on the internet and came across some new crop circles that were made. It sometimes seems very difficult to tell if the crop circles were made by people or some other supernatural phenomenon . I have heard theories that they were made by extraterrestrials from another planet or solar system. They have also done studies to see if people could create the same awesome designs in a reasonable amount of time and make the bends and breaks in the crop look the same. As I recall they came pretty darn close to making the crop damage and pattern look the same.

          Weird Crop Circles by Levitated Objects The History Channel Documentary UFOs

     So are crop circles being made by man or from some being from outer space. I believe that some are made by hoaxers and some are made by something else. I have also heard that people believe that the crop circles are being made by angels and are a message from God. I do not think they can determine that by scientific method. So could they be some kind of message from God, maybe. I have seen some video where they caught on camera some kind of lights hovering and moving about the field. When they checked the field they found a crop circle had been made. I saw that if memory serves me it was on the discovery channel on cable television. The small lights could have been some kind of craft controlled by a larger spacecraft. Other wise the alien beings would be very small. Now could they have been angels creating the crop circle with some kind of message. I would say yes, because angels are beings of light involving energy from God. When ever someone has seen a spirit orb they usually look like a small ball of light emitting electromagnetic energy. An Angel would have a lot more energy than a  human spirit would. Of course these are just my theories. I have also heard that the crop circles could being created by demons. Remember Angels can be good or bad.

                              Crop circle 2014 Sixpenny Handley

     Where and how many new crop circles have their been this year. It looks like the number this year so far is about 83. There have been about 10 other crop circles that were created in grass. They have been mostly in Europe in various countries such as The United Kingdom, Poland, Belgium as well as others. Here is a link to a website with plenty of information and pictures . Here is another excellent website with awesome pictures and information . There are quite a few different websites on the internet about old and new crop circles. There was a very interesting crop circle found in California in January of this year. Here is a link to the website . So you may be asking when exactly did crop circles start showing up. Well apparently it was in the 1960s and the 1970s when we started finding crop circles. Here is a Wikipedia website with all kinds of information about crop circles . I hope all this information is very helpful to the average reader and anyone wishing to learn about these strange events happening throughout the world we live in.

 Crop Circles July 8 Shows Aliens Demons Coming Illuminati Freemason Symbolism 

     In any event the crop circles whether made by people or some other supernatural being or Alien are beautiful forms of art. Yes they can be also some kind of strange message for us on this strange world we live in or should I say on.
    Thank You for reading and have a nice day.   

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