What Are Those Strange Pictures In The Desert In South America

                      Secrets of the Nazca Lines - Documentary                                                                                    by HistoryTvful

     What are those strange pictures in the desert in South America called. Well they are called the Nazca Lines. If you are looking from the ground you would never know they were there. Even if you came upon them you most likely would never know what they were. They were apparently made by removing the top layer of red pebbles leaving the lighter desert under that. They were seen by planes flying over the land, but they apparently can be seen by some of the surrounding foothills. If you want to learn more about these interesting strange pictures in the earth check out this link to the Wikipedia webpage http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazca_Lines .


Nazca Lines Show Jesus And Maps Out The End Of The Age Nuclear War                 VEEKEN 7 7 7

     There has been a lot of speculation over the years that these were made so that alien beings would see them as they entered the earths atmosphere. I believe that they more than likely designed and drew them to satisfy or please their Gods. There definitely was a lot of planning that went into the drawing of these pictures into the desert floor. Another theory from what I have read is that they may have something to do with the peoples astronomy of the skies. It may have been a way of telling when the different seasons would approach. No matter what the reason was and is for them will be sort of another mysterious phenomena that remains very interesting. There are also theory's going around that these are all signs of the end times and the second coming of Jesus Christ. I myself am not so sure of this, but anything is possible. I would say watch the video above and decide for yourself.   
                                the Atlantis Code (part 4):: pre-Maya                                                                                           by Jon Gee
     There are other places on earth where there are lines that make up pictures that can only be seen from the sky. Another such place is in the Middle East. There are pictures and lines that stretch from Syria to Saudi Arabia. Here is a link to a video on these lines http://youtu.be/CDQ-0EaAFms .These are mainly strange wheel shapes and straight lines. These apparently have been around for thousands of years. From what I understand know one knows what they are for or who did them. I wonder if it has anything to do with Ezekiel when he saw a wheel in the sky. It's hard to say exactly, because there are the people who say this is a image of a UFO or some kind of extraterrestrial spacecraft. Then you also have the biblical explanation as well. There are also other pictures on the desert floor in the Middle East in Jordan as well. Once again know one really knows what they are for. If you want to read some interesting information with pictures here is an excellent webpage link http://www.messagetoeagle.com/unknowstructmiddleeast.php#.VJcNel4AMA .

Ezekiel s Vision
      I am sure that there may be other pictures on earth that can only be seen from the sky that have not been discovered yet. Maybe some of them are under water or being covered by the growth of forests and other areas of high vegetation. Who knows maybe one day we will know more about them. If there is a biblical meaning to all of these pictures I am sure we will find that out in due time as well. All we can do is keep looking for all the strange phenomena we can find and let others know about it.
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