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EVP Spirit Voices

Have you ever heard what sounds like someone whispering in your ear. It may just have been and evp. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. I sometimes like to watch the popular Ghost Hunter Programs on cable television. I have seen many times when someone picks up a voice on a digital recorder. We don't generally hear the EVP with our own human hearing. It almost seems as though whatever is saying something is on a different frequency. Somehow the digital recorder is picking it up. Electronic Technology has made some great advances and that may be why we are starting to hear things that we were not aware of before. In any event EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon is one of those strange happenings in our strange world we live in.

Seen Anything Paranormal or Had Any Paranormal Sightings

I think we all have had some kind of paranormal sighting at one time in our lives. I myself have had a few times when I have seen something I could not explain. I remember sitting in a rocking chair and looking at my Grandfather in the chair next to me. For some strange reason I had this thought in my head what will happen when my Grandfather dies. Well the following day at school my brothers and I were called to the principals office. At first I though I was in trouble and when I saw my brothers I knew something was up. We were all sent home, but no one told us why. Well when we got home my mother told us out Grandfather had died. I could not believe that just the day before I was thinking about that. The same thing happened when my stepfather passed away. I always seem to get a feeling that someone had passed away and sure enough someone did. It is one of the strangest feelings that I have ever had. Sometimes I try not to think about these kind of thoughts and hope they will go a…

Is Yawning A Strange Phenomena

If you think about it yawning is a very strange phenomena. It seems to affect everyone and I think it can affect animals as well. I know I have done it and my golden retriever Wilson seems to yawn back. You can be driving down the road in your car, sit at a signal light, look over at someone in a different vehicle, yawn and they all of the sudden yawn. I have to confess when I was younger I would be at church and yawn intentionally. I would look over at the other people and the next thing I new they would start yawning. It is one of those very strange phenomena s that is very contagious. Yes I know I was a typical kid getting others in trouble.

When you read about yawns, it can actually make you yawn. So I kind of yawned like 100 times in the making of this video.

  So you may be thinking is there some kind of scientific explanation why we yawn. Also what is it that triggers someone else to yawn when they see someone yawning. Here is a link to a medical website with medical reasons wh…

Strange Noise Phenomena From The Earth And Sky Heard Again In 2015

People awaken by frost quakes in Canada
   I was just looking at the news and once again people up in Toronto heard a loud booming or cracking noise again. Yes this strange noise phenomena is being heard again. This time they are calling it a Frost Quake. This is known as Cryoseism  and if you would like to read about it here is the Wikipedia web page link . Yes it could explain a lot of the booming noises that people are hearing. The only thing that strikes me as odd is why is it being heard all around the world at the same time. That is why I don't think Cryoseism is the answer to all this strange noise Phenomena. I have also read that people are hearing it in places that are not experiencing a quick cold to warm change in temperature. So where is this booming and what sounds like one musical eerie note coming from.