Is Yawning A Strange Phenomena

If you think about it yawning is a very strange phenomena. It seems to affect everyone and I think it can affect animals as well. I know I have done it and my golden retriever Wilson seems to yawn back. You can be driving down the road in your car, sit at a signal light, look over at someone in a different vehicle, yawn and they all of the sudden yawn. I have to confess when I was younger I would be at church and yawn intentionally. I would look over at the other people and the next thing I new they would start yawning. It is one of those very strange phenomena s that is very contagious. Yes I know I was a typical kid getting others in trouble.

When you read about yawns, it can actually make you yawn. So I kind of yawned like 100 times in the making of this video.

  So you may be thinking is there some kind of scientific explanation why we yawn. Also what is it that triggers someone else to yawn when they see someone yawning. Here is a link to a medical website with medical reasons why we yawn  and If you want to read some more interesting information on yawning check out .  My self I think we yawn when we are tired, because it is a way of waking ourselves up. Scientifically they say it forces blood through our neck ,face and head. Maybe this stimulates something in our brain. Here is a website with some scientific reasons why we yawn so check it out at this link .
the Wikipedia webpage on yawning
  Well no matter what you think yawning can be healthy and fun at the same time. It almost seems like a way of mind control. Yes in a way you are controlling someone without telling them to do something. Just remember if you do this on purpose do it in a way so you don't get in trouble. Stay safe and have fun with the strange phenomena of yawning.
  Thank You for reading. Sorry if I made you YAWN.

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