Seen Anything Paranormal or Had Any Paranormal Sightings

Real Picture of Lincolns Ghost
  I think we all have had some kind of paranormal sighting at one time in our lives. I myself have had a few times when I have seen something I could not explain. I remember sitting in a rocking chair and looking at my Grandfather in the chair next to me. For some strange reason I had this thought in my head what will happen when my Grandfather dies. Well the following day at school my brothers and I were called to the principals office. At first I though I was in trouble and when I saw my brothers I knew something was up. We were all sent home, but no one told us why. Well when we got home my mother told us out Grandfather had died. I could not believe that just the day before I was thinking about that. The same thing happened when my stepfather passed away. I always seem to get a feeling that someone had passed away and sure enough someone did. It is one of the strangest feelings that I have ever had. Sometimes I try not to think about these kind of thoughts and hope they will go away.

    As far as having some kind of paranormal sighting I have had a few. The earliest one I remember is when I was living at my grandparents house. The end of my bed was was at the end of my younger brothers baby crib. I woke up one night and saw a dark shadow looking over the end of his baby crib. I thought it was my brother so I said Fred go back to sleep. He did not make a sound, so I got up at the end of the bed and when I went to touch him my hand went right through. It was at that moment that I knew it wasn't him. I laid back down, covered my head and went to sleep. As I got older I wondered if it was the ghost of my grandparents son Jacob that had died when he was 5 years old. I always had a strange feeling in that room that someone was there and watching.
  The second time I saw something was when my grandfather passed away. I spoke about this in another post. Basically I had gone to the house to check the furnace and oil tank. I looked in the back window and saw a white figure walk through the living room. All I know is I did what I was supposed to do and got out of there. Before I could tell my older brother he told me the exact same thing. I believe to this day it was my Grandfather looking for my Grandmother. There have been many strange stories that my family has told. I think everyone has something strange to tell.
  If you want leave a strange story of your own in the comments.
  Thank You for reading.

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