Virgin Mary Seen Over Iraq



The latest of current strange events is the apparition of the Virgin Mary over Iraq and the Middle East. With all that is going on in this strange world we live in it's only a matter of time until the father says enough is enough. There are so many different signs of the end times happening that I feel it will be coming very close to the end. Now as far as the rapture goes, I don't know if it will happen at the beginning, middle or the end. It is just very strange that we are seeing all these swarms of earthquakes around the world. Yes earthquakes are no strange phenomenon, but I have never heard of all the swarms like we hear today.

        Ovnis Grabados Por Marines Americanos Iraq

   Other strange phenomena with the Virgin Mary seems to be going lately. About eight months ago in Mexico a statue of the Virgin Mary has been seen weeping. Now I don't know if it is something chemically on how the statue was made or maybe it is a legitimate phenomena. None the less here is a video below about it.

                                Statue Of Virgin Mary Weeping Mexico                                                                   by
End Times Astronomical Signs: The Sign of the Woman in Apocalypse (video3)                                                                                          by Antonio Yagüe
  There have been many different apparitions of the Virgin Mary over the years. The message of Fatima is fairly well known. Here is a video Mother Angelica did a few years ago.

                         Secrets of Fatima-Reverend Mother Angelica-1980s-edited                                                                                              by Pax Aeterna
  There are many videos that you can look up on youtube about all the different phenomena and messages associated with the Virgin Mary. My advise is to listen and study all that was said and is going on in this strange world we live in. Then you can make up your mind and decide for yourself.

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