What Is Going On With All The Strange Phenomena In The World

Every time I turn the television on or check the internet there is something new and strange going on in our world. All I can say it is happening more and more. Some say it is God going to end the world very soon. Maybe soon Jesus will make his return. If it is not either of those two is it just the way the world functions and maybe we are in that time of great change. I for one do think it is getting very close to the return of Jesus. It does seem as though all the signs in the heavens and on earth are pointing to it. I do believe we are in the last days. I would check out the many good Books On Strange Phenomena.


   Now I see more and more reports of UFO's being seen all over the world. As far as UFO's And Extraterrestrials being real, I can't say yes or no. I would check out the link for some excellent reading. You may ask could God have created another being besides us human beings. I say why not, if you can do anything then why not create different kinds of creatures. Maybe he experimented creating other beings before he finally decided to create man and then woman from mans rib. he created the Angels so why not other beings. If he did maybe they are just now able to get to our planet. It always seems that when someone is abducted they are performing experiments on the person. The interesting thing is that the person is never killed, but eventually returned to where they came from. I think it is just as we are always curious about different people, animals, planets and all the strange creatures we find on our planet. So being curious and always wanting to learn more is something that we share in common.


    Strange noises that we are hearing all over the world may be just another sign of change. So many people are always saying this is going to happen on the certain date or that is going to happen. So what usually does happen, well the answer would be nothing. They are always trying to guess in different ways to determine when Jesus will return. They make some educated guess as to his return only to have guessed wrong. Well if they had some faith and read the bible they would know that know one knows the time or the hour, only the Father (God) knows. So do you know more than God, I don't think so.
  Okay back to the strange events going on it seems as a daily event. I saw a video where someone saw a strange creature, which usually seems to be some kind of Bigfoot creature. The other popular strange event besides weather is the sighting of some kind of Ghost or Apparition. I do believe in ghosts that are the spirits of people that have moved on to the next life. Most people ask why have they not gone to heaven. I really can not say why they are still here on earth. Maybe that is their purgatory and it takes a while for some people to be thoroughly cleansed of all sin before they can enter heaven. Maybe it is part of their penance before they are ready to enter heaven. I guess I will find out when my time comes and I pass on to the next life.


   I do think that some of the strange events are being caused as a result of the way we are treating our own environment.  With all the pollution and garbage we put into the atmosphere it is bound to have some kind of result on this planet. There are so many disgusting things going on in the world we sure do look like the days of Noah. There are many good Books On The End Times from all different religious views.  I would say get out the bible and look up what was going on during the time of Noah or Sodom and Gomorrah. What did God do, well I would say he had enough with his children and said no more. That is what a parent does when his children won't do what they are told. We don't go so far as to destroy them, but we do punish them by time outs or taking things away. So maybe the Father has just about had enough with all of us, which are his children.
  So I say pay attention to all the strange events going on in the world. Try and change yourself and do something for someone else. We all need to learn to respect one another no matter what we believe and do right or wrong. It's time we stopped and let God be the Judge.
  Thank You for reading and keep your eye on the strange events in this world.  

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