Alien Abduction


UFOs File Exclusive Two Alien Abduction Accounts From Maryland and Texas NEW UFOs Documentary

  For as long as I can remember I have many different science fictions shows on television about Alien Abduction. This is one of those mysterious events that no one has really proven did actually happen to someone. On the other had they have not proven that it did not happen to anyone. Have these people really been abducted by some alien creature only to be experimented on and then released. I suppose it is possible there are some kind of other beings alive that can not communicate with us normally, so they have to go about it in a different way. Maybe they have a problem where they come from and are just trying to solve it. Either way it is a very mysterious event that hopefully will be truly found out.
  Some people have said that they are taking over the world and are already walking among us. Somehow I am not to sure about that, due to the fact that we don't have any dead aliens. Unless they are like bigfoot

where we have never found a dead bigfoot. Most of the time Regressive Hypnosis is used to bring out information from the subconscious that we don't ordinarily remember. Once again I am not sure that I fully trust this method. I wonder if the individual is  being planted with thoughts that give the answers that scientists want to hear. That is just my theory on the subject of using certain types of hypnosis.
  There are have some very impressive cases that have been well documented on alien abduction. There was one case with a Betty Hill and Barney Hill. They apparently went on a vacation and while driving on a road they see a bright light. They are then stopped by aliens and now they are abducted by the aliens. Once they were returned scientists used the Regressive Hypnosis to reveal some interesting subjects. Apparently to do with experimentation and the plan of the aliens for the abduction of human beings. There are plenty of websites on the internet for information about alien abduction as well as various cases of alien abductions. Here is a link to a website about alien abduction . There are many different theories out there about alien abduction such as plots by other countries, sicknesses or even sleep paralysis. I suppose one of these days we will have a real answer to what is going on with Alien Abduction in this strange world. If you are looking for more books on Alien Abduction check out this link at Amazon Alien Abduction Books . If you are looking for more reading material here is a link to alien abduction books at Ebay Alien Abduction Books .
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