It Seems As Though We Are In The End Times

Solar Eclipse March 20, 2015

  With all the strange events going on in the world it seems as though the end is near. In fact we just had a total eclipse of the sun on March 20th 2015. We had people worried that this total eclipse would cause power outages, black outs and the loss of the internet. Well the 20th came and went without any problems. I work at a computer service center and there wasn't any indication of a problem anywhere, except for all the computer virus cleanings on my bench. I have seen this before when the year 2000 scare came around. We were installing all kinds of software fixes, because computers were going to have all these problems. Well unfortunately we never had any problems or maybe that was fortunate for the owners, because they made money selling these repairs.

                        Total Eclipse 20th March 2015 - Time Lapse

   So who else is looking at the occurrence of this total eclipse ? Well it would be a variety of the religious groups. The religious groups are feeling that this is one of the signs of the end times that Jesus spoke of as he said there would signs on the earth and in the heavens. The timing of this total eclipse was very interesting, because it happened the day prior to the spring equinox. This would then bring about a very evil and sinister blood moon. This apparently only happens about every 100,000 years. I do have to say that with a the earthquakes, wars, rumors of wars, strange sounds from the earth and all the other strange phenomena events going on something is getting closer. It just may be the coming of Jesus Christ and the End Of The World.

 Solar Eclipse of March 2015: Blood Moons Prophecy & Lion of Judah Sign?! #RasTafariRabbiby RastafariSabbathical

   It does say in the bible that the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood. It may be very significant for that reason, but I would say that this has happened before at some time in history. As for myself I do feel that the Coming of Jesus is getting very close. I have seen some religious websites that have taken this total eclipse and created a sort of time table as when Jesus will come and more. The problem is that we can not know or determine exactly what day and time he will make his return. As it says in the bible only the father knows the time or the hour. Not the Angels, Saints or the Son. All we can do is pay attention to the signs going on in this strange world and know that it is getting closer.

                         2015 Solar Eclipse Blood Moon Black Sun

   People are now watching the earth for any strange weather events. It seems as when this happened back in 1999 there were changes in the weather for example changes in the wind direction. Of course as I looked out the window while at work yesterday I did see that it was snowing. Yes it was strange, because it was the first day of spring. On the other hand that is nothing new for where I live. I can remember seeing freak snow storms in April around Easter when I was a young child. Now there was a massive solar storm on the Sun. This was reported as a level G4 storm which is really big. So they are worried about power problems throughout the earth. So far the only thing that it has effected  is my Ham Radio reception.
  Well once again my advise is pay attention to the signs and wonders on the earth and in the heavens. Keep a watchful eye on all situations so you are not left alone. That is all we can do according to Jesus.
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