More Strange Sounds Being Heard Around The Earth

My Daughter said it looked like the ocean in the distance. We are not near any ocean.
  I was just checking out facebook and read that people are hearing more of those strange sounds from the sky. As for myself I have not heard any of these strange sounds. That certainly does not mean they are not happening. It just means I have not heard them yet and I mean yet. Some people describe them as the sound of a trumpet. So is this an Angel Of God signaling that the coming of Jesus Christ is very near and the rapture of the church is upon us. If not then it something with our planet going into a change somehow. Maybe it has to do with the strange solar activity we have seen recently. Here is a video below I came across on youtube with some interesting information.


 The HUM - strange noise phenomenon in Aachen Germany

Some people think this strange sound phenomenon is due to HARP, which some kind of new weather control. I have also read that there have been quite a few different strange cloud colors or formations in the sky. So could these strange events be from some new kind of weapon the government is working with or is it God or is it from all the damage we have done to the Earth. If not any of these could it be the gates of hell opening to release something or someone such as a Fallen Angel. Either way the strange sounds from the sky are happening more and more. All you have to do it look for strange sounds in the sky on youtube and they seem to go back 4 or 5 years. It just seems as though all we have are theories on this subject of strange sounds.
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