Saturday, May 23, 2015


  Once again I am hearing about earthquakes hitting Oregon and the West Coast. If you are looking for a good program that is free to see the current earthquake around the world check out this link . They have a free version and that is what I use. It does an excellent job with lots of excellent information. Here is another link to a website that monitors seismic activity on the earth . Check out this website for current information . It is really getting to a point where there is a bad earthquake happening or a volcano that is about to erupt or is erupting. Yes we have had earthquakes and volcano's erupting, but the difference is the number of swarms. The earth is getting ready for something and it's getting closer. I have a feeling the bride is getting ready for the bridegroom.


                              Global Coastal Event on May 28, 2015 by Ditrianum Media

   Now in the video above we may have some kind of event on May 28th 2015. You may ask yourself is this going to happen ? Well I am not so sure. I have seen plenty of times when the planets have lined up and they said there will be total devastation. Well those days came and went with no problems. The only thing that is getting my attention is the larger amounts of swarms of earthquakes. All we can do is keep a watchful eye on all situations around the world and try to be prepared for any problem.
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Sunday, May 3, 2015

What Is Jade Helm 15

The Great Day Of The Lord

  Every time I go on facebook I hear something about Jade Helm 15. When I read something about it I was not sure what they were talking about. One theory is it is a plan for martial law. Another theory is it is a plan to practice before invading the middle east. The most logical explanation I read was from apparently someone from the military. His explanation was basically it is a military training thing. He explained how do you think we learn to do the things we do. We don't just go somewhere and magically know how to do things. Well for me that just makes the most sense. But I do see how it is making sense to others as to how all the events lately in this strange world are happening. Also how the strange events are picking up speed. In fact today I read about more swarms of earthquakes and earthquakes in places like Michigan where we usually never hear of any there. Well isn't that what Jesus said in the bible that certain things would take place in diverse places. All we seem to read about is wars and rumors of wars. The same thing goes with things happening in the heavens like the suns recent activity and strange sounds from the sky that no one really has an answer to. I guess all we can do it sit back and keep a watchful eye on all the strange things happening in our strange world.
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