In today's world the doomsday preppers seem to be building all kinds of underground bunkers and well as supposed underground cities. I myself am not sure if this is exactly true, but the videos I have seen sure look legitimate. Who knows they may be planning for some kind of natural disaster. For example if an asteroid or comet struck the earth we could be in some deep trouble. We all ask ourselves from time to time is that really possible. Well we have had some near misses and I have seen documentary programs where there is evidence on the earth where it has been struck by a huge object.

                             Underground government elite bunker by AlternativeInformation

  So is there anything wrong with being prepared for this kind of emergency ? The answer to that would be a big fat no. Supposedly there are roadway tunnels that go underground for miles and apparently they are stocked with all kinds of supplies. I wonder if there is a McDonald's or Burger King all through these underground roadways or cities. Of course you would hope the food supplies are of the healthy nature.


                  Well all I can say is stay safe this 4th Of JULY !!!  

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