Signs Of The End Of The World

  I was looking at more information coming in over facebook about the End Of The World and The Coming Of Jesus Christ. I saw some videos on youtube and yes they were pretty scary. They seem to be right on target with all the terrible things going on in the world at present time. There are all kinds of signs all over the place. They are all events that have been predicated through the bible. Now there have been many people that have predicated various dates for the end of the world. That time has come and gone and their predictions were wrong. That is because know one know the time or the hour of the coming of Jesus Christ. All we can do is pray and know that these signs are given so that we will know Jesus Christs return is very near. I do not know when Jesus will come, but I believe it is very near.


This video above does have some very graphic parts. It is only meant to make you think about all the things that are going on in the strange world we live in.
 If you are looking for books on the end times or end of the world check out the bookstore below the posts. Here is a link to a website with many places in scripture about the End Of The World . Here is another excellent website . There are many more excellent websites, so be prepared to learn.
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