World Events In September 2015



 Yes there are more videos out there as to what big event will happen towards the end of September 2015. Once again the Internet and Facebook as well as Twitter and other social media are loaded with people telling about dreams they had or visions they had. Some see just big change in the world, some see the rapture of the church while others see the falling away from the church and then others are seeing total destruction. We have seen bad explosions in china this past week and a lot of people are injured as well as others that died. We need to pray for those people and their families.

       In the beginning of the video it shows the earth as flat. Well we know from space missions that the earth is somewhat round and not flat.
   Like I have said before I do not know what will happen around September 23rd to the 25th. All I know is I have a dentist appointment to have a cavity filled on the 25th of September. I guess if the Rapture happens I won't have to worry about my teeth or I hope there's a good dentist in heaven. I always wonder did other people throughout time predict the things that are happening in the world today. Well the answer to that would be yes other people had visions of bad things and destruction. We read the many things that Nostradamus predicted as well as others. The funny thing is when I hear these things I remember that Jesus had already spoke about these things. They are all in the Bible in the New Testament. So did these people really see these or were they just repeating what Jesus said would happen before his second coming.

  Yes the Pope is coming to Philadelphia on September 25th 2015 and it will be a Blood Moon.

  All you need to do is go on youtube and look up end of the world, September 2015 or any topic in those types of areas and you will find all sorts of information. Now you are probably wondering are all these people right with all their predictions. Well I believe that some may be right, others may be close and the rest are wrong. In other words I don't know. All I can say is that if you believe what Jesus said in the bible know one knows when he is coming. All we can do is look for the signs and know it's close. We just have to always be prepared.

 Thank You for reading and stay safe.  

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