Final Blood Moon September 27 2015

 Well tomorrow is the feared Blood Moon that many people have been talking about. Many believe there will be some major event taking place. Some religious groups believe that the rapture of the church will occur. There are some that believe a catastrophe such as a rare asteroid will smash into the earth. Well I have heard of anything like that happening according to NASA. I have heard some a void or doorway will open in the Heavens allowing an asteroid to pass through, which will impact the earth. This however was just some pastors vision. So will it happen or for that matter will anything happen. All we can do is stay safe and keep a watchful eye.

2015 Timeline: CERN - Jade Helm - Live Earth - Pope Francis - Forced Vaccines - Blood Moons! by Minister Paul

      Final Tetrad Blood Moon Coming Soon! Signs From God. The Pope Expresses Closeness To Muslims. by DarrellMyatt1963

Blood Moons Tetrad September 28th 2015 End Times News Update

 Everyone Keep Praying, Keep A Watchful Eye and Hope To See You Tomorrow !!!

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