Strange Things Are Happening 2015

 It seems as though some very strange events have been happening all around the world especially in the past 3 or 4 years. Some people attribute it to the signs of the end times or the coming of Jesus Christ. Well I believe that that may be very true. According to the Bible Jesus told the apostles when you see these things happening know the end is near. We do not know and cannot when the end of the world will exactly happen. We can only watch for the various signs and keep a watchful eye.

 Something Is Going On - Strange Things Happening Around The World August 2014 by GametimeAXE

   I see so many of the ghost hunter shows on television and they are always trying to prove that there is life after death. Well if they only had a little faith they would know that death is not the end and there is life after death. In other words they would not have to prove it. All it takes is faith and you will know the truth. Okay so back to the post at hand. There are so many events going on in the Heavens and On The Earth it's unbelievable. There are signs in the Sun and Planets as well as the entire Universe. There are also the strange events in our weather and in the air. People are hearing strange sounds they can't explain. Then you have all the sickness and disease. There are wars and rumors of wars that seem to happen all the time.

 Strange Things Happening All Over the World These Days December 2013 1 of 4 by Chris Wells

   It just seems as though we are in a time when Satan is trying to take hold. People are killing each other for no good reason. I have looked at some of the faces where someone has done an awful crime. When you look in their eyes all you see is pure evil. People are murdering people for know good reason. So if these are all signs that the end is drawing near keep you eyes open and watch out for the strange things happening in 2015. I know that some people say something big will happen around the 24th or 25th of this month. All I can say is keep your eyes open and pay attention to the signs.


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