The Mark Of The Beast September 2015

The Beast From Revelation
 I have been seeing more and more articles on facebook and in the news about the big event happening this month around the 24th. I just read on facebook that the asteroid that is supposed to hit the earth near Puerto Rico in the Atlantic Ocean was from a vision from Reverend Efrain Rodriguez . If you are interested here is a link to an interesting article on the subject .
 So is there going to be some spectacular event to take place. Well with all the strange world events lately I would wonder if we are going to see something. The only thing I can say is just sit back and keep an eye on everything. If nothing happens then it was just another of false predictions. The false prediction giving is nothing new. Many Preachers have been doing the same thing for years. I can remember watching Hal Lindsay writing books like the late great planet earth. Yes it was a very interesting book, but the problem is that it did not happen. So his next move was to write another book with another date. Unfortunately he is not the only person predicting something that never happens.
 Now on the other hand what if something does happen . Well if it has to do with the return of Jesus Christ I hope for everyone's sake you know the truth. Alot of that depends on what you believe and who you follow. So as I was browsing over the internet on youtube I came across a very interesting video, so I thought I would share it. Here it is below.

                    Will September Bring The Mark of The Beast?
  Thank You for stopping by and pay attention to all the signs and wonders !!!

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