Halloween Is Almost Here

 Yes Halloween is only a few days away. It's that time of the year when things go bump in the night. I remember times when I had to go to my Grandparents House just after my Grandfather had passed away. I remember going to check the oil tank in the basement and seeing something like a white mist move through the living room where he passed away. I went to tell my older brother who went the week before and he said wait let me tell you what happened. Well he saw the same exact thing and described it before I could tell him what I saw. I am sure we all have our own ghost stories to tell.
 I remember my aunt and uncle telling us about what happened in a creepy old house they were thinking of buying. How one time the heavy door to the attic opened up and then closed. My aunt checked in the attic and no one was there. She went down the back stairs and all the kids were playing a game in the kitchen. Also there was no breeze and all the windows were closed. My grandmother stayed there once and woke up to a what she described as a hooded figure standing at the end of her bed. She thought it was my uncle and she called his name. She turned on the light and the figure was gone. There were other strange events like babies crying in the night. Then they found out they would have only owned half of the large built in pool. Needless to say they moved out of there and later it had caught on fire and burned out inside.
 Another recent story is my cousin bout a house out in the country. One night she saw a man walk through the living room and he went up the stairs. She got her son who lived there and and him check. He looked all over and found know one. She has also seen a figure walk through the living room and into the room where my aunt usually stays. I don't know any history on the house, but I wonder if anyone died in the house. There are many ghost stories that people tell, like my daughters boyfriend seeing a woman bending over a grave crying. He turned to see if he could help and she was gone, nowhere to be found.
 If you have any strange stories you would like to tell leave a comment. There are plenty of strange paranormal events that seem to be going on lately. Is it because technology has increased enough to where we can detect more or is the vale between this world and the next opening up and getting closer. Well Halloween is that time when both world are to be at their closest. So I say just enjoy Halloween for what it is. It's just a time to have some fun, dress up and give some candy to children. It's really a time of giving to a stranger.
 Thank You for reading and Happy Halloween !!!

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