Sunday, December 27, 2015

More Strange Cloud Phenomena In The Sky

 Once again I have been surfing around the internet and I am seeing more websites or videos about strange cloud phenomena that is being seen in the sky. I am sure that most times there is a scientific explanation for it. Then on the other hand there are times when we just can't explain it. It just strikes me that there is so much of it going on these days.

 So are these strange cloud formations some kind of a message from the heavens. Maybe it is due to some kind of change in the universe. I wonder if that may be a good possibility, since we hear so much about strange noises that we can not explain. Then we have the increase in the bad weather patterns going on. Right now we had no snow and warm weather in the Northeast. The temperature was up around 65 degrees and that was a record. I have a feeling that the warmth is not going to last, in fact it is supposed to get quite nasty for new years with a snow, rain and ice storm to bring in the new year.
 You know what they out with a lion and in with a lamb or in with a lamb and out with a lion. Honestly I don't remember what it was like last new years. I guess all we can do is keep a watchful eye on everything. Keep watching for more strange phenomena where ever it may show up. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

More Strange Sounds Heard In The Sky

       5 Cases of Strange Unexplained Noises from the Sky by Unexplained Mysteries

  Yes all around the world people are still hearing the strange sounds in the sky. What is really going on with these sounds ? At this point no one really has an answer. Are they the trumpets of Angels from Heaven ? Are they just something that is changing on earth and bouncing off the ionosphere layer of air like amateur radio waves. So far nobody has come up with a definitive answer, just a lot of guesses as to what is going on.

                   I don't follow John Hagee, but he does make interesting points.

  As far as I am concerned it very well may be a sign from the heavens from God. He may be signalling us that the time is drawing near for the return of Christ. I will tell you with all the other awful things going on in this world I would not doubt that God is getting ready to unleash something that none of us will believe. All one has to do is pick up the Bible and start reading. Just as it says every knee shall bow.

Here are some books below on some excellent reading.


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