Earthquakes Are Rattling The Earth


 I have been watching the recent earthquake activity and it seems to be on the rise. There have been some stronger earthquakes being reported and others where we don't see them very often. If you would like to view the current earthquake activity I would download Earthquake Free 3D . It is a very interesting where you have a spinning globe and it shows all the current earthquakes and their magnitude. There some other settings that make it a very interesting program and best of all it's free.
 Earthquakes have been happening in 2015 in places like Mississippi, Texas and in New York. Those are just in the United States. I have also been seeing them down the west coast in California and down the coast in South America. Of course there are also earthquakes happening it seems like over in the Middle East and places like Japan or Indonesia. I am not sure what is going on, but I begin to wonder if there is some kind of shifting of the poles or is God just getting angrier at the current world events. People are just killing and murdering people for no real reason. It seems to be happening more and more.
 So are these earthquakes going to become more frequent in 2016 and will they become even stronger. I wonder if we are building up to some kind of pinnacle and then the big one will hit. I have been reading that fracking may be causing earthquakes in the areas where they are doing this. I suppose that it is very possible, but what about the areas where they are not doing any fracking. Another conclusion is that maybe all the earthquakes are a chain reaction of each other. In other words when one happens in one place it triggers another in a near by area and the chain keeps going until a link in the chain breaks and results in a huge earthquake. I don't want to be there when that happens.

 Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Polar Shift & Global Earthquake - Armageddon News by Armageddon News
  I did read that they are expecting a huge earthquake on the pacific northwest rim. They are saying this could happen any day now. I think if I were living in that area of the world I may move away. All of these things that are happening can easily be tied to bible prophecy and what Jesus said. I just have this awful feeling that they may just be correct. Of course for those who believe in Jesus and have been baptized all is not lost. Maybe we all need to realize that God wants us all to change no matter what faith or religion we are. I do have a feeling that we have gone to far and there is no turning back. We have all brought Gods rage and judgement on ourselves and we must pay the price.
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