North Pole Melts As Temperatures Are 50 Degrees Above Normal

I was just checking out facebook when I came across an article that due to recent storms in Texas and elsewhere the temperatures are 50 degrees above normal. Just what kind of effect will this have on things ? Lately all I have heard is that global warming has been a fake bit of news or they are just plain wrong. Well I not sure myself about global warming, but if the temperature stays 50 degrees above normal at the North Pole we could be in for some real disasters.

                          The Arctic Ocean is melting [IgeoNews]by IgeoNews

 If you are interested in reading about this freak storm causing lots of problems check out this link below.
Mind-boggling storm builds 55-foot waves, unfreezes North Pole
 It again just seems that weird weather is wreaking havoc all over the world. As I look at the various earthquakes they are becoming ever more popular. So the question that comes up all the time is are we at the end of the world ? Well like I have said before I don't know. The only one who knows the answer to that is God The Father.
 I will tell you that you do have to be careful when you see news articles on facebook. There are an awful lot of news sites that are satires or fakes. They are only trying to get as many readers as possible by stretching the truth or just lying to the public . 
 I would suggest searching around the internet for any stories regarding the melting of the North Pole and I am sure you will find plenty of legitimate news stories about it. It is just another of the signs and wonders in the heavens and the earth that Jesus spoke of regarding the end times.

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