Playing The Lottery

 In the past few years playing the lottery has become very popular. I have a feeling it's because money has been getting very tight. There are alot of people out of work and they are having a tough time making ends meet. Another problem is companies not paying employees properly according to today's standards. Yes we all seem to be suffering with that one. In fact at my job I have not had a raise in about 12 years. Yes it is a very tight budget at our house. In fact my wife and I are looking into buying a much cheaper house to try and save some money for our future.

 Okay so back to the lottery and what a strange phenomena it is. We just had the powerball lottery and it was about 1.5 billion dollars. All you heard on the news was how big the lottery was. Places like facebook and twitter had someone always putting a post on it about the lottery. I think everyone was hoping they would win and their dreams would come true with the lottery win. Well I wonder if the popularity was on purpose to get more people to pay for tickets and drive the winning number even higher.
 I will tell you all you have to do is search on the internet for anything with the lottery and you will find tons of websites. Seems like everyone has some way of winning the lottery. There are websites out there with calculators on figuring the winning numbers. There are also websites that list the most popular winning lottery numbers. I myself have looked at those websites and wondered why certain numbers seem to come up more often then others. I think most of us wonder if the lottery is rigged in some sort of way. I don't think we will ever figure that one out. I think it just comes down to dumb luck. In other words your just at the right place at the right time.
 Okay so you win the big lottery, whats your next move. Well for me I would be thinking of paying off all my bills and quitting my job. Then I would start a business that I really want to do. I would also spread out the winnings and share it with my entire family. I certainly would not become the big aristocrat that is better than everyone else. I would be helping to feed and cloth the poor and do what I could for other people. You see it's just not about me. Remember Jesus said the love of money is the root of all evil. It's not the money that's evil, it's the greed that some love.

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