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Interested In The Paranormal

I think all of us have some interest in the paranormal. Exactly what doe the word paranormal mean ? The definition means above the normal. I believe we are all connected to the paranormal due to our connection to God and the supernatural. We are all part of spirit world and we will be in it someday as we pass to the next world.
 If you do some searching on youtube you will find all kinds of interesting videos and recordings of some very clear evp's or electronic voice phenomena. In other words ghost hunters are using digital recorders to record voices and sounds that we do not pick up with our human hearing. These sounds and voices are at a different frequency. Animals such as cats and dogs may be able to hear these sounds and it seems at though they can see spirits as well. I often winder if the animals can detect things we humans can't. It may be the type of thing where they can't speak, so their other senses are much higher. I have read this happens with people that a…

Seen Or Heard Any Ghosts Lately

Well most of us have seen or heard something that we just can not explain. I know in my life time I have seen things I could not explain and I have had other family members talk about their spooky experiences. It's funny but it just seems that this sort of thing is on the rise these days. I don't know if this is all part of the end times and the second coming of Jesus or is it because we have better technology. In other words we have a better capability to hear and see things we could not before.
 Now if you are into Ghost Hunting there are plenty of places to do just that. There are empty asylums, buildings and cemeteries where ghost hunts are done through out the year. It's almost like going on a haunted house ride, but your on foot. If you have watched television lately you probably have noticed that there are plenty of ghost hunting programs on. Most of the time they get more popular in the fall part of the year especially as they get towards Halloween  time. It just…