Have You Seen An Angel Lately

 There have been quite a few sightings of Angels lately. I have a feeling that many people are tyeing
this into the End Times. Due to all the current events in the world some feel that angels are every where performing some kind of a job. If you read the bible you will find that Angels have always been around we human beings ever sine the beginning of time.

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  Okay so exactly what is an Angel ? Well these are spiritual beings created by God. These spirits perform various duties in heaven. Some of them fight against evil and others are sent to deliver various messages throughout history. There are good angels and there are bad angels. The good ones follow God and the bad ones follow Satan also known as the devil. In fact Satan himself is a fallen Angel that went away from God and has tempted man since the garden of eden.
 Some of these Angels are known as Guardian Angels and they are sent to help and protect us in times of trouble. Here is a table below of Angels in the Jewish religion.
1Chayot Ha KodeshSee Book of Ezekiel chs. 1 and 10
2OphanimSee Ezekiel chs. 1 and 10
3ErelimSee Book of Isaiah 33:7
4HashmallimSee Ezekiel 1:4
5SeraphimSee Isaiah 6
6MalakimMessengers, angels
7Elohim"Godly beings"
8Bene Elohim"Sons of Godly beings"
9CherubimSee Talmud Hagigah
10Ishim"manlike beings", see Book of Genesis 18:2, Book of Daniel 10:5
 Below are some of the common names of Angels that can be sound in scripture.

  • Michael (archangel) (translation: who is like God?), kindness of God, and stands up for the children of mankind
  • Gabriel (archangel) (translation: God is my strength), performs acts of justice and power
(Only these two angels are mentioned by name in the Hebrew Bible; the rest are from extra-biblical tradition.)
  • Jophiel (translation: Beauty of God), expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden holding a flaming sword and punishes those who transgress against God.
  • Raphael (archangel) (translation: It is God who heals), God's healing force
  • Uriel (archangel) (translation: God is my light), leads us to destiny
  • Samael (archangel) (translation: Venom of God), angel of death—see also Malach HaMavet (translation: the angel of death)
  • Sandalphon (archangel) (translation: bringing together), battles Samael and brings mankind together

           You will have to decide on this video for yourself.

   Okay so do I believe there are angels all around us today ? Well the answer to that question is yes I believe they are always by us in all situations. We are just not always aware of them. It seems as though we catch a glimpse of them due to our advances in technology. Just remember there are good and bad angels so always be careful when trying to communicate with spirits, because you never know who or what it really is.

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