Who Is The AntiChrist Now

The Sun Looked Like a Cross.
 Okay so I have heard over and over again the Obama is the Antichrist. Well his term is almost over and he has not fulfilled any of the prophesies in the bible. Now that Donald Trump is running for President people again are saying that Trump is the Antichrist. What I love is they pull scripture out of the bible and try to tie it with things that Trump says or does. This is getting really ridiculous and frankly I am getting tired of it. I have heard for years that this Pope or that Pope is the Antichrist.
 I think it's about time we stopped all this guessing at who the Antichrist is. The only person I have ever heard make any sense was an individual who said the Antichrist would come from the Middle east. Now that makes more sense due to the region where everything takes place. Plus we have all these different prophesies that have not happened. Yes there are some things that have happened that could be very close to them, but they are just not exact. This all reminds me of how it is written in scripture where at the end people will say here is the Christ and there is the Christ.

 Dead Sea Scrolls Identify the Antichrist by Israeli News Live

 Now I do believe that we are getting closer all the time due to current events taking place in the world. The hatefulness and wickedness of all people is happening more often and getting stronger all the time. Things are happening to innocent children, women and men. People of various faiths are being killed for no other reason then they believe in Jesus. In fact I just read about some gunman that killed people at a resort in I believe it was Africa. So yes Jesus will return very soon, but only when the Father decides.
 Yes there are plenty of other signs verifying that we are in the end times. We have all the strange weather that is taking place. Then there are all the earthquakes that are happening all over the earth. Another thing I have noticed is that people are seeing strange cloud formations that look like something like an angel or the four horseman. In fact for my self we were driving the other day and I noticed that sun setting looked like a cross. I had my daughter take some pictures of it. That is what the picture is at the top of the post.
 The signs are all around us and getting more and more frequent. It seems like a bottle and the cork is about to blow off. All we can do is pray and keep our eyes open.


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