Ghosts - Where Are They

 Have you ever seen a ghost ?  I know I have seen some things I can't explain. If you watch the various ghost shows on television they are always seeing something. The problem is that when they supposedly see something it does not show up on the video. So then it becomes just hearsay. In other words they have no proof to back up what they saw. Now there are other occasions where they do catch something like a shadow person and there is no explanation.

                               Haunted Hospital by JanoskiansBlog

  Okay so what happens in the case of no facts. Well the individuals will try to figure out some way to debunk it. The next thing is the ghost hunter saying did you hear that. In most cases the other person will say yes and explain what he heard. The only problem is does the other person agree that he heard it. Well this is where the digital recorders come in to play. This way they have absolute proof of what they heard. The only other way of determining if the people heard the voice is to have them separated before they can speak to each other. This way if they say the same exact thing then you no they heard something. Sometimes when they play back a evp it sounds like nothing, so how do they know what is being said. That's the problem, they are just guessing at what they heard.


So are there particular places where ghosts tend to show up. Well it seems to me that they are present in times of crisis. For example when an accident happens. People seem to catch things at cemeteries quite often. That seems like a vary likely place, because that is where the dead are put to rest. I have also heard that places where there is running water, such as an old saw mill or on a boat seem to be very popular places. The other popular theory is places where certain types of stone deposits are present.
 The time to be very careful is when someone is trying to speak to the ghost. This can be very dangerous, simply because you don't know who you are speaking with. As it says in the bible even Satan can make himself out to be an angel of light. So then what you are communicating with may be in fact a demon of some sort. So when it comes down to it you should just let the ghost or spirit be on their way .

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