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Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

Boy this is a tough one. I have listened to each of them and I can not decide which one would make a better President. One thing that draws me away from Hillary Clinton is that she approves abortion. Then if you read what all the bible prophecy people say I don't think you could decide which one may be the antichrist. I have read recently that some claim that Hillary is some kind of witch and is associated with Obama whom they say is the antichrist.

 This just seems to be getting more and more confusing as the days go by. One other claim is that Hillary will have Trump taken out of the picture so she can win. I have also heard that people may not vote for either of theses two and vote for one of the other runners that we hear very little about. I guess all we can do is sit back, pray and see what happens at the end. If you want to see what people are saying, just do a little searching on the internet. The problem is that you may become very confused with a these theories flying a…