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Does Donald Trump = Antichrist

Okay so now we have a new President Of The United States. So does this make Donald Trump the Antichrist as so many are guessing. Well yes I did use the word guessing, because that is all it is just a guess. There are many things he will have to do to fulfill the various things in bible prophecy. These things have not come to the forefront as of yet.
 Okay we had all the other folks saying Hillary Clinton was the Antichrist. Oh yes we also had the other individuals saying President Obama is the Antichrist. All of these statements mean that nobody knows who the Antichrist is. Yes he or she is lurking out there somewhere in the darkness and this person will make their presence known at some point in time. All we can do is keep our eyes open and pay attention to everything around us. Yes keep your eyes on the world news and all world events.