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Jesus Christ Is Coming Soon

As we get closer to 2017 many people are saying that Jesus Christ is coming back very soon. As I look over the internet I see many different faiths believing that our lord Jesus Christ will be back sooner than we think. There are many different people out there prophesying that it will be before the year 2017. Well the only problem with that is only God The Father Knows when Jesus is coming. Now by all the strange and terrible events going on in the world I do believe the time is getting closer.

  The biggest problem I see are the people that claim they have determined or calculated when this will happen. I suppose they must know more than God The Father. My answer to that is I don't think so Tim. Some times I feel that the more people guess and set a date the farther they push that date away. What I mean it what happens if someone guesses the date and it happens. I just don't think that will happen.
 Now do I believe that some individuals may get a peak at what is to come. W…