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Doomsday Clock Is Getting Closer In 2017

I just saw an article that the doomsday clock is getting closer to the midnight hour. So exactly what will happen when it gets to 12 midnight. Well I guess the world may end, Jesus Christ comes back and time starts new as Satan and is evil hordes are destroyed and thrown into the lake of fire. It will then be a new heaven and a new earth. All graves will be open and we will have a glorified body like Christ. Actually no one knows what would happen, I guess we may end up in war with somebody.

Here is another video below of Enoch's Doomsday Prophecy that I thought was interesting.

New In 2017

Well it's now the year 2017 and what devastating news do we have to look forward too. We all know that everyone seems to be trying to decide on who is the antichrist and when will he make his appearance known. Some thought it was President Obama, Some thought it was Hilary Clinton and some think it will be Donald Trump and he is our new President Elect.
 All I know is look for the signs and prophecies to be fulfilled. As of yet none of the above mentioned have fulfilled any prophecy from the Bible. I know there are those out there that try and make something out of every little thing they do. Hey they have been doing it for years with every Pope that comes along and they are always wrong. I guess it could be because only God The Father Knows, even though some think they know more.
 I believe know matter what we do there will always be those that try to guess. In fact just the other day I was watching a television show on cable tv and they were saying here are the 10 ways the ear…