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End Of The World - Major Problem With North Korea

Here we go again with another war or rumor of war with North Korea. That was what I seeing come up on facebook. Every time I check the news on television or on the internet it's President Trump or someone saying something about North Korea. Then I see another video with North Korea shooting off all their weapons lined up on a beach. All I can think of is few huge MOAB Bombs and we will have one big mess. I did read that President Trump would prefer to try and talk out the problems with North Korea first.
 So if talking does not work, then what. We could be seeing the start of World War III or just another war. I don't think anyone on this earth will ever learn their lesson. So how much more will God take before he says enough is enough. We do know that Jesus said all these things must come to pass before the end comes. Of course you will get all the bible thumpers and bible prophecy people writing new books. All these revisions are starting to look like revisions with Microso…

How To Be A Doomsday Prepper

In today's world we are all thinking about doomsday and how to prepare for it. Some of us believe that Jesus Christ will take all of us Christians out of the world before doomsday or Armageddon starts. But then there are those that believe we will have to go through the tribulation before we are taken out of the world. This would be the view of the catholic church. Of course then there are those that believe we will be taken out somewhere in the middle of all of this.
 So if we are left for the middle or the end how are we to prepare for all this calamity that is headed our way. Well some stock up on food and a safe fallout shelter. If you have a good fallout shelter make sure it can withstand any nuclear destruction. Also make sure no one that comes knocking will be able to get in. My feeling is to be out in the wilderness and have it hidden in a way so it can not be detected. I have seen some that are well fortified, but that is very expensive.
 Okay so what do we stock up on i…