How To Be A Doomsday Prepper

What Exactly Is Heading Our Way
 In today's world we are all thinking about doomsday and how to prepare for it. Some of us believe that Jesus Christ will take all of us Christians out of the world before doomsday or Armageddon starts. But then there are those that believe we will have to go through the tribulation before we are taken out of the world. This would be the view of the catholic church. Of course then there are those that believe we will be taken out somewhere in the middle of all of this.
 So if we are left for the middle or the end how are we to prepare for all this calamity that is headed our way. Well some stock up on food and a safe fallout shelter. If you have a good fallout shelter make sure it can withstand any nuclear destruction. Also make sure no one that comes knocking will be able to get in. My feeling is to be out in the wilderness and have it hidden in a way so it can not be detected. I have seen some that are well fortified, but that is very expensive.
 Okay so what do we stock up on in these hidden shelters. First you need food, clothing, water, bathroom, warmth and weapons. I would stock up on plenty of guns, knives, flashlights and a excellent first aid kit. I think the only way you may be able to do all that is to have a wealthy relative or win the lottery.
 So you are probably thinking do we have any hope of survival if this happens. Well as for me and my family I put my faith in Jesus Christ and The Catholic Church. I believe this because this is the only church founded by Jesus Christ. Yes Jesus did hand Peter The Keys To The Kingdom. All other churches are good, but they are started by men, not Jesus.

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