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Where Is The Antichrist Hiding ?

All I have heard for quite a long time is that the antichrist is alive and living among us. Yes many people still point out and say it's the pope. The funny part is every time the pope changes, they all go right along and say oh this is the antichrist. Of course today everyone seems to be pointing the finger at Donald Trump or should I say President Elect Donald Trump. I do have to say he has said and done some things that keep me guessing. But that right there is the truth, everyone just keeps guessing.
 I have seen many different documentaries on the television about who and where is the antichrist. The smartest answer was why do you think the antichrist would come from the united states. Would it not make more sense that he comes from the middle east where things originated. It is just as typical as all the people that keep guessing when the end of the world will happen. Yes when it does not happen on your particular date add another chapter to your book or better yet write an…