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End Of The World Predictions

Yes there have been end of the world predictions going way back to 66 to 70 AD. So as you can someone was and has always been predicting when the world will end. The problem is that as it says in the bible, " only the Father knows when the end will come. Not the Son or the Angels, only the Father. So people can try to guess or predict the end, but they never will. All we can do is keep our eyes open and pay attention to what is going on in the world. Here is a chart of fairly new and future predictions. If you want to see early predictions click on this link Check Out All The Predictions.

Here are some more up to date predictions:
2017 May 13Horacio VillegasVillegas claimed that the world would descend into nuclear war on May 13, 2017, due to increased tensions on theKorean Peninsula. He also said this date coincided with the hundred-year anniversary of the visitation ofOur Lady of Fátima. Notice that this is associated with North Korea where things have been going on.

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