Friday, July 14, 2017

What Does The Bible Code Say About The Antichrist And The End Of The World

 Every time I hear about the Bible Code the events have already happened. I wonder if anyone has seen something before it has happened. Well I did a little research and it seems that certain individuals found Donal Trump in the bible code pointing to him as president of the united states. Here is a video I came across and it is a little long, but interesting.


             This video below has more to do with the rapture and President Donald Trump.


  Here is another very interesting video on some very interesting information on bible code and the end of the world.

 My advise is to get some bible code software and check into things yourself. Many say that God had put these things into the bible for us to know what is going to happen, so we can be prepared. You will not find an exact date as to when Jesus Christ is coming back, because as it says in the bible only the Father knows and no one else.

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