Saturday, October 28, 2017

Have You Seen A Ghost

 Have You Seen A Ghost ? Yes it's that time of year when the Vail is very close and spirits can enter our world from the spirit world. Well that's what they say happens at this spooky time of the year. If you watch any cable tv, you will notice that there are quite a few of these shows where individuals are going ghost hunting. It can be quite interesting as to what they find.
 My question is are these spirits the ghosts of relatives, people or demons pretending to be someone. First is it possible to see a spirit ? I would say yes, because when Jesus transfigured on the mount with Moses and Elijah, Moses had been dead. Most likely he was able to be seen due to the awesome amount of power that Jesus gave off.
 When we see a spirit or ghost it is usually a shadow or mist type of apparition. I know in my own experience I have seen the mist type and a shadow type figure, no I was not dreaming. Where I tend to draw the line is when it comes to the spirit of a child. I would not believe that God would let a small child wander and cry for its parent. Especially when Jesus said it would be better to have a millstone hung around their neck and they be cast into the sea if they harmed a little one.
 I would say if you go ghost hunting do not take it for granted that this spirit is a loved one. I would ask the question of the spirit if they had met Jesus and to confess that Jesus is Lord. If they can do this, then they are not of the devil. Also if you are perusing this path make sure to have a priest handy, because you are no match for a demon, unless you have really strong faith.
 So be safe this Halloween and have fun.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

List Of Date Past, Present and Future For End Time Events

 I came across this and thought I would post this link. It is to Wikipedia for a list of dates predicted for apocalyptic end time events. Here is the link below.
 I myself never realized there were so many predicted times that never happened. It just shows that only God The Father Knows.

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